Drag & drop swf file(s) to batch convert list

Drag & drop one or more files to the swf>>avi window. Then select for each file the conversion profile. You can use default profile or create a new one. You can change output file name if necessary.

Create a profile of SWF to AVI conversion

You can create and save custom conversion profiles. Each profile can contain the following parameters :

  • Flashtm swf input resolution. This resolution is the rendering resolution of swf file before conversion (swf files do not contain any resolution information). This resolution can be different from output resolution. For better results, select an input resolution smaller than output resolution.
  • avi file output resolution. This resolution is the output video file resolution.
  • avi file framerate. The video framerate can be different from the Flashtm swf file framerate.
  • optional swf animation rotation. You can rotate input swf animation if you want.

Launch batch conversion

A simple click on the conversion button and conversion starts. The swf animation is displayed while converting.

Current version limitations :

  • Sound is not converted
  • Interactive animations may not be properly converted