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Battle over Markham’s swingers club continues

via wgntv

MARKHAM, Ill. — The mayor of Markham has been working to close some of the south suburb’s seedier spots, including an adult swingers club that has been around for more than three decades.

WGN Investigates previously reported how the mayor took the club, called Couples Choice, to court late last year and claimed it was operating as an illegal business.

Before the pandemic hit, the club may have closed but the parties didn’t stop.

And that’s causing more trouble in Markham.

“You know, there’s nothing wrong with what we do,” Couples Choice owner Tim Geary said. “Everyone enjoys themselves here. I don’t know what the problem Markham has with us.” 

Geary said the club is now closed. His son, Cameron Geary, lives at the property, which has a dance floor and 18 bedrooms.

And at the property, they’re still hosting swingers parties. Tim Geary said it’s legal because it’s not a business, it’s a house party. 

“I don’t need a business license because I’m not charging anyone,” Cameron Geary said. “I’m not doing business. This is my house. Can’t I have a party at my house?”

Markham Police Chief Terry White isn’t buying their argument.

“No reasonable person would believe that’s a residence,” he said.

On a recent Saturday in early March, before the stay-at-home order took effect, police broke up a large party at the property. They ordered guests to leave and arrested Geary and his son. The misdemeanor charges included operating an illegal business.

Tim Geary said Markham has it wrong and vows not to back down.

“We’re going to throw a party again,” he said. “Let them try to stop us now.”

via wgntv